Welcome Message

Invitation to the 25th IAKL Annual Conference

Mi-Hwa Chung

President of International Association of Korean Lawyers

On behalf of IAKL, I am pleased to invite you to the 25th Annual Conference which will be held from September 14, 2017 to September 16, 2017 in Seoul at Hanyang University, School of Law, a reputable educational institution for fostering legal professionals.

IAKL is an international organization founded upon a common identity and pride of Korean descent, consisting of legal professionals of Korean descent from worldwide sharing diverse legal minds and cultures. Since its inception in 1988, IAKL has made every effort to lead the legal culture and promote public interest in this era of globalization by having a range of seminars and exchanges among its members who are legal professionals of Korean descent from more than 25 countries in the world. In furtherance of such effort, annual conferences of IAKL held alternately in Korea and venues in other countries are known as the place for networking and learning among the legal professionals of Korean descent.

As you are well aware, this year’s conference will be the silver jubilee of IAKL. The past 25 years may have been short, however, such experience and time during that period has been significant to the members of IAKL as well as the organization itself. It is quite meaningful for IAKL’s future development and activities that IAKL has become the place for the networking among the legal professionals by understanding and implementing the rapidly changing international legal culture.

The theme of this year’s conference is “Past, Present, Future” acknowledging the role of and in appreciation of every member of IAKL who are traveling a long distance to Seoul as well as the groups established by the members in the Americas, Middle East, Asia, and Oceania, and the Korean government and local organizations, such as Ministry of Justice, Courts including the Constitutional Court, Korean Bar Association, and Seoul Bar Association, for their full and strong support. During the conference, we will have the opportunity to remember the past, confirm the present, and plan the future of IAKL.

Under such theme, we have prepared 18 seminars related to the traditional topics discussed at IAKL which include Corporations, International Transactions, Copyrights, Dispute Resolution, Taxes, Labor, Women, and Public Interest. We expect that this conference will be the valuable networking and learning opportunity for the participating members.

In addition, in line with the programs provided to the future legal professionals in the past conferences, a mentoring session for law school will be available by the practicing legal professionals from worldwide. We note that such session bears a significant value especially where the future of IAKL is within the hands of young legal professionals.

During the conference, a social event including conference dinner will take place and we find that each member will be able to freely network with other members during such event. We believe that this conference will be a great opportunity for networking and sharing the information and we would like to respectfully invite you to share such great moment with us.

I hope you attend and participate in the 25th Annual Conference and finally, I would like to send my grateful appreciation to each member of IAKL and legal professionals in the world for the support and consideration.

Yours truly,

Mihwa Chung